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Steep Slope:

The term steep slope roofing is one that is used to represent a roof that has a slope of 3:12 or greater.  This means for every 12 horizontal inches, the roof’s rise is 3 inches or greater.  Some of the most common types of steep slope installations are Slate, Concrete and Clay Tile, and Asphalt Shingle roofs.


Slate shingles are excellent for roofing because they are impervious to freeze/thaw cycles.  This metamorphic rock is dense, acid resistant and non-absorptive making it an essential tool in the construction industry.


Concrete or clay tiles have an tremendously long life cycle. They are typically installed with a combination of nails and cementitious mortar, and are installed in an overlapping “shingle fashion.”


Asphalt Shingles are composed of fibrous glass mats that are saturated with asphalt material.  They work to provide cost effective protection from things such as weather, impact, and UV degradation and they also improve fire resistance.

Dunham Castle - Slate Steep Slope

Aurora University - Clay Tile Steep Slope

Sugar Grove Chase Bank - Shingle Steep Slope

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