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Do you recall the last time the roof of your business was inspected? Roof maintenance is an important factor in maintaining the structural integrity of your company’s roof, and investing  resources in a roofing maintenance program will help you ensure that your roof is safeguarded against potential roofing problems most other commercial buildings experience.

At Malcor Roofing of Illinois, Inc. we offer a Bi-Annual Roof Maintenance Program for the purpose of extending the life span of your current roof system. Through this agreement you will receive a full inspection and maintenance service based on a bi-annual schedule.

It is important that you recognize that your roof requires constant maintenance. Every roof that is open to the elements is open to damage.

Many major manufacturers require some type of roof maintenance program to ensure the quality and integrity of the roof system on you building. Your manufacturer may even extend the warranty on your roof if you have a maintenance program is in place.

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The Malcor Roofing maintenance program consists of :


Inspection: We begin by cleaning your roof of any debris that may hinder drainage and conceal further problems. Malcor Roofing technicians complete an extensive checklist of roofing functions to determine if there are any potential future problems.


Reporting: After the initial inspection, we will document our findings, along with recommended maintenance procedures to the cited deficiencies.


Restoration: Once minor issues have been identified and dealt with, a report of any repairs exceeding the scope of work will be provided along with budgetary numbers for capital expenditures as requested.

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