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Built-Up Roofing/Tile:

(“B.U.R.”) is considered the traditional roofing material in the United States and is the most widely used material for covering flat roof surfaces. These roof systems are commonly referred to as the “tar and gravel” roofs and they have a long and recognized track record of success. The multi-ply configuration provides additional layers of protection against moisture penetration along with a self-sealing property during warm weather.


In a B.U.R., the felts act as reinforcement for the thin layers of waterproofing bitumen (asphalt or coal tar pitch). The system is typically surfaced with aggregate (such as gravel, slag or mineral granules) set in a flood coat of bitumen for purposes of ultra violet ray, severe weather, and impact protection.  B.U.R. systems are durable, long lasting, and relatively resistant to construction and post construction traffic.

Aurora University Welcome Center – Clay Tile B.U.R.

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